“I love AWANA” is something we often hear at Weston.  The many excited children who come through the Church doors every Thursday night expect to have a good time - and they are never disappointed!  Leaders and Clubbers alike are ready for action!

What do we do at AWANA?  
Our Thursday Night AWANA Club consists of:
Games Time - this section offers to our clubbers the opportunity to participate as a team member in physical activities that promote: team spirit, good sportsmanship, coordination skills and most of all - having lots of fun!

Handbook Time - A time of interaction between individual clubbers and their Handbook Time Leaders & Helpers.  Each clubber works at their own pace in their own handbook. As the clubbers complete sections in their handbook they earn awards which they wear on their uniform.  They also earn AWANA shares to spend at the AWANA store. It is our hope that every clubber would complete one handbook each year.  

Council Time - this section includes age-appropriate lessons from the Bible that correspond to the AWANA handbooks. Topics that are covered include an introduction to whom Jesus is, what He did for us and what we need to do to please Him.  Through these lessons the Clubbers learn how God’s Word applies to their lives.

The Leaders and Helpers at AWANA enjoy working with the Clubbers and welcome the many opportunities each Thursday night to teach, interact with and encourage the children.

AWANA is exciting!  We invite you and your children to visit us any Thursday night at 6:30 at the church.  Come and join us for AWANA night at Weston!

For more information contact the
 Awana Commander

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